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By Dan Zimmerman

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Chuck Schumer unveils universal background checks bill after outside pressure – “Chuck Schumer has introduced a universal background checks bill after a major gun control group blasted the New York Democrat Monday for not following through on a promise he made last November.” Elitist gun-grabbing pols love to accuse their pro-2A colleagues of dancing to the NRA’s tune when they act to support the right to keep and bear arms by voting against efforts to disarm civilians. It looks like the Chucky Schumers of the world can be hoist from the same petard when it comes to gun grabbing orgs like the once-relevant Brady bunch. But you probably knew that . . .

Why I Switched to Double Action Semi-Autos – “So now several years down the road, it might seem strange that I have recently switched back to primarily shooting and carrying double action pistols. There’s a reason for it, and it goes back to the reason double action pistols were invented to begin with, and that is balancing shootability with safety. Traditional double action handguns offer more layers of safety compared to striker fired or …Read the Rest

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