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By Tom Knighton

We keep hearing that tough gun laws stop crime. Anti-gun zealots say it all the time. While we keep pointing out that no, it doesn’t work that way, the zealots just roll their eyes and make mutterings over how cute we are with our silly ignorance. Of course gun laws work, they argue. Apparently, criminals are known for following the law in their worlds.

How, then, do they explain a double homicide in Boston, where gun laws tend to be pretty strict?

Police are looking for the gunman in a double shooting in Mission Hill They said they have witnesses and surveillance video and want the public to step up.

Some in the neighborhood said they do and are as frustrated as the police. Residents made their way around the crime scene tape Wednesday night. “We definitely want it to stop,” said Manny Oliva, a concerned resident.

Around 5 p.m., Boston Police say a man walked up to two others sitting in a red car and shot them. They were on Parker Street just one block off Tremont.

“A lot of traffic was in the area, which is always scary, it’s very brazen,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said.

The injured men are …Read the Rest

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