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By Ammoland

TrueLock Boar Blaster Choke

Buckshot patterns for hog hunting just got a whole lot “tighter” with help from TruLock’s Boar Blaster Choke!
By Andy Lightbody, Rocky Mountain Television/Productions
Video by Kathy Mattoon

TrueLock Boar Blaster Choke
Andy Lightbody
Andy Lightbody

USA – -( With roots that go back to 1982, George Trulock and his family at the Trulock Choke Tubes company has produced superior-quality shotgun choke tubes for everyone from competitive gunners and law-enforcement/military applications to casual shooters and hunters that want the best and most consistent pattern of shot from their field guns.

Today, they boast an inventory of over 2,000 different types of choke tubes for just about every shooting application. In addition they say that if “we don’t have it, all you have to do is call us!”

New for this year is a screw-in shotgun choke tube that is going to be a sure-winner with all shotgun-hunting hog hunters that was introduced at the 2016 SHOT Show. It’s called the Boar Blaster and offers some pretty amazing results when it comes to holding your “hog stopping” buckshot patterns tighter at ranges up to 40 yards.

Designed by Scott Trulock, the 4-inch choke tube has a .030 constriction …Read the Rest

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