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By Tom McHale

Blackhawk! TecGrip holsters.

By Tom McHale
Tom Mchale takes a second look at non traditional gun holsters, specifically Blackhawk! TecGrip Holsters and admits he was wrong!?

OK. I’ll admit it. I wasn’t impressed until I tried this pair of Blackhawk! TecGrip holsters.
Tom McHale

USA –-( Can you teach an old dog new tricks? And by “old dog” I really mean me. And by “new tricks” I mean new, but safe and effective concealed carry methods.

You see, I think I might be a holster racist. If I’m not a full-blown concealed carry bigot, then I at least have a bad case of extreme holster prejudice.

What does that mean? According to, you can think of “prejudice” as “an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.”

In fairness, I’ve given plenty of thought to concealed carry and all the associated holsters.

More than that, I’ve invested more money than the Clinton Crime Family Foundation has received in shady donations on all variety of holsters and latest and greatest carry gimmicks. Heck, I’m such a holster geek that I wrote a whole book on concealed carry holsters. Yes, I’m that much of a holster nerd.

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