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By Rodney Lee Conover

Wednesday night Barack Obama saw quite a visual from his hotel in OK City: Waves and waves of Confederate Flags, held by followers Andrew Duncomb: “The Black Rebel!”

Yes, it’s a community organizer, protesting a former – and some say current – community organizer…

From KFOR:

In Durant, Okla. Wednesday morning, trucks lined up awaiting his arrival, and now supporters are in Bricktown.

Supporters want to let the President know the Confederate flag, they say, stands for heritage, not hate. The organizer of the event is someone you might not expect to see standing behind this cause.

It is a red, white and blue that, for many, carries a message of hate… but that’s not the point these folks want to get across.

“We don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism,” Andrew Duncomb “The Black Rebel” exclaimed.

For his part, Barack Obama says the flag belongs in a museum, but removing it isn’t about political correctness… what? He was in Oklahoma to talk about economic development and crime in Oklahoma…. in other words, just how racist a system do they have there, no doubt…

Obama arrived at Tinker Air Force Base and then spoke to a crowd …read more

Source:: Patriot Outdoor News

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