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By Dean Weingarten

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Illicit, black market pistols are commonly available in India for about $10-$15. These pistols show a level of sophistication a bit higher than most. Hand craftsmen have been making semi-autos for as long as they’ve existed, much like Belgian and Spanish semi-autos or those turned out in small Philippine shops . . .


TALCHER: An illegal small arms unit was unearthed here and police seized firearms, including 31 Mauser pistols, 500 live cartridges, gelatin, gun powder, equipment needed for making gun, documents and a list of names and bank accounts. The unit was operating for the last four months.

At least five persons have been arrested in this connection. One of the arrested is a juvenile.

Acting on a tip off, a raid was conducted last night on the unit, operating from a rented house at Champasi here, and arms comprising revolvers and pistols were seized. Police then cracked down on the house of the owner of the illegal unit Tukuna Swain (40) at Paikasahi. Tukuna, however, managed to escape.

Many unsophisticated and ignorant civilian disarmament fans think that firearms will gradually be confiscated and disappear in their gun control dystopias. But when they see the …Read the Rest

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