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By James England

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — A long-time permitless carry state is now considering a senate bill which would allow people walking onto their public universities to carry concealed. At present, the University of Alaska has established their campuses as “gun free zones”. Although violating this policy does not carry with it the same consequences as doing so in Ohio, Senator Pete Kelly of Fairbanks wants to end this double standard once and for all.

Senator Kelly released a prepared statement to KTUU in which he addresses this safety issue.

“Mass shootings are happening almost exclusively in gun free zones. Shooters are intentionally targeting these soft targets, knowing their victims have been disarmed and pose little or no threat,” Kelly wrote.

At present, the biggest opponents to this legislation are law enforcement officers on the campus who presently enforce the school’s policy of no guns on campus. If a University of Alaska campus police officer discovers a student, employee, or faculty member to be carrying openly or concealed, he can ask that person to leave campus.

“The policy would eliminate the university’s right to control what happens on its property when it comes to concealed weapons,” UAA campus police chief Brad Munn …Read the Rest

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