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By Tom Knighton

Democrats won’t officially take control of the House until next month, but that doesn’t mean anti-gun zealots won’t start their battle space prep and lay the seeds for their anti-gun work in the next few weeks. That way, the Democrats can hit the ground running in their valiant attempt to accomplish nothing.

A prime example is a bill that’s just been introduced. It seeks to ban 3D printed firearms.

Following the debate and legal actions surrounding 3D Firearms printing this summer a new bill has been introduced to Congress attempting to ban the sale, purchase and distribution of 3D printed firearms parts and to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers.

Back in August a ruling from the Justice Department clarified and essential ‘legalised 3D gun printingfollowing a campaign against censorship of information led by Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation. This ruling quickly led to backlash and state and federal moves by representatives and federal judges to block the proliferation of 3D printed gun plans. Since then Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed’s founder, has been arrested and charged for having sex with an underage girl in Texas.

New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone, has now introduced fresh legislation …Read the Rest

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