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By Johannes Paulsen

It’s a safe bet that many Americans don’t know that the Caribbean island of St. Croix is actually American soil. Purchased from Denmark in 1917 along with St. Thomas, St. John, and a few other dots in the archipelago comprising the U.S. Virgin Islands, the island’s residents are U.S. citizens. Travel to and from the continental U.S., apart from the distance, is no more difficult than going to Wisconsin. Other than the when a hurricane or tropical storm comes near, the islands don’t make much news except when publishers need to fill space with a “best places to visit in the Caribbean” article . . .

That’s why I was surprised to read an article explaining that a state of emergency had been declared on the island of St. Croix this weekend – not because of bad weather, but because of bad actors. It seems that a so-called ‘gang war’ was in progress on that isle over the weekend….

The Virgin Islands Daily News has the story:

An uneasy peace settled on St. Croix on Sunday, with a state of emergency in effect and the community still on edge after one …read more

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