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By JP Pichardo

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President Biden recently initiated the next massive attack on your gun rights.
Without Congress even passing a new law, the president’s cronies at ATF are initiating backdoor Universal Registration Checks and warrantless searches for your firearms, if you choose to sell even one firearm for profit.
Of course, Gun Owners of America stands ready to file a lawsuit as soon as any final rule takes effect, but this rule won’t be final until the ATF has completed the rulemaking process.
Right now, we’re in the public comment phase. GOA’s attorneys are drafting comments that GOA will submit—and we will reference our members’ comments if we are forced to file a lawsuit. So taking action today will be extremely helpful to winning in court!
That’s why we’re asking all gun owners to participate in this public comment period.
Please, TAKE ACTION and comment against the latest ATF gun control rule.
According to this new proposed rule, “even a single firearm transaction, or offer to engage in a transaction… may be sufficient to require a license” from the ATF.
You read that right, ATF might lock you

Source: Gun Owners of America

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