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By Robert Farago

Henry Mare's Leg (courtesy

Major Van Harl USAF Ret writes [via]

I have a small farm in the middle of nowhere that the Colonel and I have owned for thirty years. After two military careers we now actually live in the same state as the farm so we get there a lot more often. However I still do not have indoor plumbing. I built a wooden outhouse back in 1985 and it has continued to be in use to this day. A year ago we build a $2000 new metal outhouse ( read Happiness Is A $2000 Outhouse Off The Grid), but it is still an outhouse and you have to walk about 50 yards from our barn to use the outdoor facilities . . .

It is fine in the day time and when the electricity is working, but let the power go out and it is mighty dark in our little valley. Even on a moonlit night, with the stars out you cannot see more that fifty feet in front of you. If you had to use the outhouse in the middle of the night there is a chance you might run into something or …Read the Rest

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