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By Chase Welch

In 2015 when the Army final started to get serious about it’s Modular Handgun System, Beretta — along with a number of other companies — stepped up and submitted new handgun designs to be considered for the program. Enter the APX family of firearms.
After the program ended with the Army selecting the Sig P320 — dubbed the M17 by the military  — and then Beretta released the APX line of pistols to the civilian market, starting with the full size and moving to smaller pistols from there. Fast forward to 2018 and Beretta released the APX Compact to compete in what is honestly a very full market of compact “duty quality” carry guns, and good news, they did a pretty good job.
The APX family of pistols is extremely modular letting the shooter change frames, slides, sights, barrels, and even add optics, all while keeping the trigger pack as the only serialized part. (Photo: Chase Welch/
The difference between the standard model and the APX Compact are pretty straightforward. The design has a shorter barrel at 3.7 inches, an overall length at 6.97 inches and the height at 4.8 inches. Metal sights and front and rear cocking serrations round out this seemingly


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