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By Ammoland

Benchmade assists Oregon City Police in the destruction of firearms

Opinion by Jim Sherpard, This Op-Ed first appeared at the

This is the Facebook post that went up (and down) thanking Benchmade for helping the Oregon City PD with a “disposal” problem. It has caused other problems – despite having been pulled down and hastily “explained” by OCPD. Internet screen shot.

USA – -( “Privacy,” one of my sage friends remarked yesterday, “is fantasy.” That’s probably something the Oregon City Police Department and Benchmade Knife Company realize all too-well today[last week].

On Wednesday, someone in the Oregon City PD posted what appears to have been intended as a “thank you” to Benchmade for helping them with a disposal problem. But Benchmade’s supporting their local cops has turned into a far larger problem – for both – than either anticipated.

That’s because what Benchmade helped the OCPD “dispose “ of was – you guessed it- guns.

And Oregon City PD’s posting of photos of Benchmade folks cutting up guns kicked off one of those “instant firestorms” across social media. It’s a firestorm that doesn’t appear to be slowing.

Late Wednesday evening, my phone was “blown up” by people speculating, ranting, and positing on the whole thing. When last I checked, the Oregon …Read the Rest

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