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By Harold Hutchison

Warning Take Action Call Protest
Warning Take Action Call Protest

United States – -( One way for anti-Second Amendment legislation to sneak past the radar of Second Amendment supporters is for the anti-Second Amendment extremist in office to engage in a form of “microtargeting.” Like the form used in advertising, anti-Second Amendment microtargeting aims at a very small portion of the whole, aiming to get a result without a lot of fighting.

This is what Representative Eliot Engel has done with HR 2670, the PLEA Act. The PLEA Act’s long title is the “Protect Law Enforcement Armor Act,” and Engel is going for a two-fer with this bill.

First, he is trying to reboot the “cop-killer bullet” hysteria for the present era. This was one of the things the Brady Campaign (then known as Handgun Control) used certain police chiefs to scare the public into opposing our Second Amendment rights. What ultimately passed in the 1980s is reflected in 18 USC 921(a)(17), 18 USC 922(a), and 18 USC 922(b). Like any anti-Second Amendment extremist, Engel doesn’t let facts get in the way of attacking our rights.

With this bill, Engel is targeting one specific handgun currently on the market: The Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN. …Read the Rest

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