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By Sara Tipton


I saw an article in the Washington Post claiming that 1 in 13 murders by gun are committed by cops. The article was posted by a friend on Facebook. The next post was from a “fluffy” friend claiming fat shaming is unacceptable and skinny people should be ostracized. This, of course, prompted three hours of online research. Brace yourselves. If you are a gun grabber or obese, you will not be happy with what I am about to say. First, here’s a table I downloaded from the FBI’s website . . .

8,855 murders by gun. I used ALL murders by firearms to appease the anti-gunners.** Note, murders happen by knife and bat and fist too, but we’ll be ignoring those, since this is The Truth About Guns, not the Truth About How Gun Grabbers Lie And Cherry Pick Their Statistics Because They Are Fascists.

So according to the Washington Post, 1 in 13 of those are “murder by cop“*, and that’s a generous number since it’s only through May. So let’s take out cop shootings shall we? That’s 681. Which means that 8,855-681= 8174 murders by gun per year by civilians.

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Source:: Truth About Guns

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