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By Rob Morse

Slow Facts

By Rob Morse : Training

Slow Facts

Louisiana- ( The Massad Ayoob Group offers firearms instruction across the US. They have both local instructors and traveling staff. They trained both law enforcement officers and civilian gun owners. I recently took their basic class in armed civilian self-defense.

It is easy to explain why these particular students were in the class with me. It is harder to explain why more firearms owners and licensed concealed carriers don’t take take classes like this one.

This particular class had more women than men. That would have been remarkable, but today, women are embracing armed self-defense. Also, the class was held in Texas. A recent Girl and a Gun national conference was held nearby last month. Do not doubt for a moment that women can be extremely successful shooters. We shot for score in this class. The most accurate instructor was female as was the most accurate student.

Let’s ask a more basic question. Is this the training you need? Most gun owners never get their concealed carry license. Most licensed concealed carriers never go for …Read the Rest

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