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Want to have fun with an Air Rifle or Air Pistol? Right now you can save up to 50% on Crosman products direct from the manufacturer. With Crossman’s Memorial Day weekend Alternate Special Sale, you can buy a complete .177-caliber air rifle for $150 or less complete with scope. And Crosman also has air pistols on sale starting at just $15.99! Using inexpensive pellets, air rifles and air pistols are fun to shoot. Unlike centerfire guns, air rifles and air pistols can be used with very affordable light metal targets. Budget-priced air rifles can be a good starting tool for novice shooters.
Alternate Specials: Up to 50% off Alternate Special. No coupon code needed. Valid 5/1/2023 – 5/29/2023. Other exclusions apply. While supplies last. Visit for all current specials.
Shipping Policy: Air rifle and air pistols are not regulated like centerfire and rimfire firearms. In most jurisdictions, air rifles and pistols can be shipped directly to the purchaser or picked up at retail outlets.
Crosman Mag-Fire Extreme Rifle (.177), $149.99 on Sale

Crosman Mag-Fire Ultra Rifle (.177), $124.99 on Sale

Crosman Mag-Fire Mission Rifle (.177), $104.99 on Sale

Crossman PSM45 BB Air Pistol, $15.99 on Sale

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