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At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.
NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.
1. Midsouth — Big Sale on All RCBS Products, Save $10-$100

⏺ Major sale on all RCBS tools, dies, presses and more
Midsouth is running a huge SALE on RCBS products — Presses, Reloading Tools, Powder Dispensers, Tumblers, Dies, Priming Sets, Casting Accessories and more. Save up to $80 on Reloading Kits, up to $100 on Electronic Powder Dispensers, and save $30 on Rotary Tumblers. Go to Midsouth’s RCBS Sale Page, then chose a product category. NOTE — Check often as inventory is changing.
2. Graf’s — Alpha Brass IN STOCK, Many Popular Types

⏺ Great brass for popular chamberings incl. 6mmBR, 6GT, 6mm Creedmoor
Alpha Brass makes excellent-quality cartridge brass for many popular categories. The price is competitive with

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