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By Tom Knighton

Entertainers tend to lean toward the liberal side.

I know. I just announced the equivalent of water is wet and fire is hot. I’m not exactly breaking news right about now. I’ll grant that.

But it bears repeating. Mostly, it bears repeating because entertainers can’t seem to shut up about being liberal.

The latest example is the group The Killers and their take on gun control in a new song.

The Killers take a political stand on “Land of the Free,” a blistering new single from the famed Las Vegas rock outfit.

A soulful piano ballad channeling Springsteenian 1980s power rock, Killers frontman Brandon Flowers tackles President Donald Trump’s border wall, mass incarceration and gun violence by anchoring each stance with singing “…in the land of the free.”

Backed by a group of gospel-inspired singers, Flowers offers: “So how many daughters, tell me how many sons/Do we have to have to put in the ground before we just break down and face it/We got a problem with guns/In the land of the free.”

It sure as hell looks like someone doesn’t understand what “land of the free” means.

Land of the free means we’re free to make our own choices, and that includes being able …Read the Rest

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