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By Tom Knighton

So-called buyback programs are one of those things that make me roll my eyes so quickly that I can see my own brain. They’re absolutely ridiculous. After all, anti-gun zealots continue using taxpayer dollars to fund them, despite there being absolutely no evidence that they actually work.

We’ve often talked about all the ways criminals can use these, but a woman who attended a buyback in Baltimore is proof positive that just because a gun was turned in at one of these events, it doesn’t mean it’s actually taking guns off the street.

One woman shows us the 9MM she is turning in for the Baltimore City Gun Buy Back program. But she says she is using the cash to get a bigger weapon! Story on FOX45 at 4pm.

— Kathleen Cairns (@CairnsKcairns) December 17, 2018

Well, that accomplished a lot, didn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong. I like her and hey, she can’t get in trouble for a weapon sale being handled improperly or anything if it’s handled by the police. Plus, she still gets the cash to buy herself a “bigger” firearm, though I’m not quite sure what she means by that. Oh, I assume she wants something …Read the Rest

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