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By Robert Farago

Man with shotgun, Baltimore (courtesy

The headline at pretty much says it all: Smashed, looted and burned by the mob: Inside the destruction of Baltimore as shopkeepers tell how they fled burning shops and one says he called police 50 times – and nobody came. Money shot: “This shop is my life. It’s destroyed, we’ve got nothing left.” The question no one’s asking: why didn’t store owners defend their lives and livelihoods by force of arms? Mr. Benelli and I would have been standing guard; ready, willing and able to stop the threat. And, of course, some store owners did use guns to protect themselves and their business. Here’s an example via . . .

Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton was saved from a mob of rioters by a Baltimore business owner armed with a shotgun.

According to CNN, Fenton was reporting from the heart of the Baltimore riots and was moving to a location where a Baltimore police officer was reported to have been injured.

“I ran down and got in the middle of everything,” Fenton explained.

He was being protected by “a group self-identifying as Crips gang members” near a “cash checking place [that] had been broken into.”

Fenton turned …read more

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