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By G. Halek

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — Struggling to cope with an estimated 118 deaths and 200 wounded for the year, the Baltimore City Council is considering less conventional means to deter armed criminals. A recently released, convicted murderer came up with an idea: make criminals exchange guns for bail.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Trevor Brooks is positive his plan will work.

Given the choice between giving up a gun or sitting in Central Booking, “they’re going to turn the guns in as fast as they can,” Brooks said.

In the past, Baltimore has run “gun drives” that allow people to turn in guns for gift cards or cash. Results of these gun drives are rather spotty. Most of the firearms, Baltimore Police concede, are not the types of firearms typically used in the commission of crimes.

The short answer: they end up with a lot of junk guns and out a bunch of cash.

The effect: No decrease in the murder rate.

While a logical man may sit back and easily conclude, “well, that won’t work,” we also have to realize that city politicians are anxious for anything that looks good on paper. It would just be another added bonus, assumedly, if it resulted …Read the Rest

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