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Suppressors are increasing in popularity year-by-year in the USA both among hunters and tactical shooters. Suppressors (aka “silencers” or “cans”) dramatically reduce sound volume by 25-35 decibels. However, over time, suppressors can get fouled with propellant residues and hard carbon. Accordingly, on a regular basis, you’ll want to clean your suppressor.
Ballistol USA recently introduced a new Suppressor Cleaner which has proven quite effective. This acid-free cleaner also works very well to remove fouling and hard carbon on muzzle brakes. Shown above is a Cleaning Pack with two, 16.9 oz. bottles of Ballistol Suppressor Cleaner, and one pack of rubber corks which are used when filling a suppressor with the liquid cleaner.
With this Ballistol Suppressor Cleaner, it is relatively easy to clean the inside of a suppressor with a simple process. After removing the suppressor, plug one end with a rubber cork, fill with fluid, plug the other end, then wait 2-4 hours. Then drain and rinse. Ballistol states this “solves the common problems inherent with cleaning suppressors.” Ballistol USA president Patrick Palumbo explains: “Not only is it an excellent suppressor cleaner, but it does a great job at removing any stubborn fouling. I really like using this to clean AR

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