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By David Codrea

Jordan Page’s “The Ballad of LaVoy Finnicum” should be a wake-up call for all Americans of good faith. (JordanPage / Facebook photos)

USA – -( “I wanted to reach out because I am about to release a new single ‘The Ballad of LaVoy Finicum’ on 11/26,” musician, composer, singer and songwriter Jordan Page tells me via email. “I wrote it for the rancher who was killed by federal agents three years ago in connection with the Bundy occupation of the refuge in Oregon.”

I’m interested in helping spread the word for two reasons.

First because I believe Page is a first-rate musical artist with a profound voice for liberty who merits a lot more exposure. I did what little I could to promote his “Arm Yourselves” a few years back because I believe it is the best and most inspirational pro-RKBA song I’ve ever heard. I don’t just say that – there are some patriotic efforts out there I can’t endorse because I find their messages and execution too heavy-handed, preachy and “not ready for prime time.”

Not with Page’s stuff. The guy is a pro and he’s good, and I don’t just …Read the Rest

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