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By Dean Weingarten

Steven Jones NAU in Court Flagstaff

Arizona Superior Court Judge Dan Slayton has refused to reduce the $2 million bail set for Steven Jones. Last year, Jones pleaded self defense after shooting and killing Colin Brough. Jones claimed he was chased after being beaten by a Brough and a group of fraternity men at Northern Arizona University. The prosecutor’s office is the Coconino County Attorney’s office out of Flagstaff. It’s the same prosecutor’s office that handled the infamous . . .

Harold Fish case. Fish, a hiker who shot and killed a man at the end of a trail, also pleaded self defense. Prosecutors mishandled the Fish case. He spent three years in prison until an appeals court overturned the conviction and released him pending a new trial. Coconino prosecutors asked the court to review the case again; the Superior Court refused.

Arizona legislators passed four bills aimed at getting Fish a new trial. The first bill was deemed insufficient by the court for a new trial; Governor Janet Napolitano vetoed two of the bills. A fourth was finally signed by Governor Jan Brewer after Napolitano resigned to join the Obama administration. After Fish was released from prison, he …Read the Rest

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