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By John Crump

Avid Target Shooter, Carrington MacDuffie, To Release New EP
Avid Target Shooter, Carrington MacDuffie, To Release New EP

U.S.A.-( Carrington MacDuffie is a music star from grew up in New York before moving to LA to pursue her career. After a decade in Southern California, she decided she needed a change of pace. She decided to split her time between Austin and Seattle.

Carrington’s sound is unique, with deep meaning for lyrics and an immersive sound. I can’t put it into a single category. It feels like a mix of Mazzy Star and The Cure. She is also a poet, and that comes through in her music. She is also a voice actor. She voiced characters from World of Warcraft to Joni Mitchell’s biography.

She also is a fixed-wing pilot and an avid shooter. Her new EP, I’m The One, releases on April 24th. I had a chance to talk to Carrington about her life, target shooting, and her music.

John: How did you get into music?

Carrington: Well I’d say it’s more the case that music got into me. When I was very little, I loved the music my dad played on the stereo, and I spent many happy hours cutting up the rug to his upbeat …Read the Rest

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