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By Bob Owens


The autistic man whom a North Miami SWAT cop tried to snipe while he was playing with a toy truck has now had to be institutionalized over the terrifying incident and now understandably hates police.

Great job, North Miami Police.

An autistic man who saw his caretaker get shot by an officer has been left traumatized, distressed and has stopped eating, his family has said.

Arnaldo Rios was the intended target of the shooting, which occurred Monday after four North Miami police officers responded to a 911 call about a suicidal man with a gun.

Rios sat cross-legged. He yelled. He didn’t obey commands to lie down with his hands up and he fidgeted with a metal object.

Meanwhile his therapist Charles Kinsey tried to surrender by lying down on the ground and keeping his hands up.

One of the officers thought Rios was about to shoot Kinsey and fired three shots at Rios – but missed and hit Kinsey instead, the police union has said.

Rios wandered back to the site of the shooting a day later, threw himself on the ground and shouted: ‘I hate the police, I hate the police,’ The Miami Herald reported.

This was a “bad shoot” from …Read the Rest

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