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By Brandon Curtis

By Dean Weingarten via The Truth About Guns

Australia has some of the world’s most extreme gun regulations. Even so, by jumping through a great many hoops, carefully filling out the right forms over several months, you can own and use a significant number of firearms. The regulations are a wish list of most of those proposed by gun hating activists from around the world.

They were rushed through the Australian political machine with amazing speed. The trigger event was the Port Arthur massacre. The process was aided by a fully cheering Australian media and the Prime Minister, who openly hated guns.

I reviewed the regulations over time. Some are simply baffling.

What is the point of including BB guns in the same class as shotguns? Why are airgun pistols placed in the same category as .357 magnum revolvers? Why are many types of slingshots are illegal?

Why, after an applicant has filled out all the paperwork, and gotten all the permissions to own a gun, do they have to wait a minimum of 28 days to pick it up? (If they purchase another gun, they have to wait another 28 days.)

And why are non-firing replica guns treated the same as real guns? …Read the Rest

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