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By Dan Zimmerman

By Dennis DeMartins
What a week in Australia. With the National Firearms Agremment review pending, public submissions for the NFA closed last Friday. Not that you’d be expected to know that – a lot of firearm owners were unaware until a couple of weeks ago, as the Attorney General’s department did not actually advertise the fact that the public had a chance to voice their opinion. Once again, this has all the hallmarks of an appeasement campaign, rather than any great interest in firearm rights. Meanwhile, the first shipment of the 5+1 version of the Adler A110 arrived in Australia last week, while the “terrorist attack enabling” 7+1 shot version still sits idle in Australian Customs facilities . . .

As expected, the streets ran red with the blood of mass shooting victims. Or not. As the antis may discover, the Adler’s performance may make that difficult.

Just as we were shining the spotlight on David Shoebridge last week, the de facto Chief Aussie Hoplophobe introduced a bill to the NSW state parliament which aims to reclassify all of the state’s …read more

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