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By Jennifer Cruz

Authorities in Tulsa County are investigating after a 15-year-old boy was fatally shot while trying to steal fireworks from a fireworks stand Tuesday.
Without elaborating, authorities say that although they have witness statements, not everything is adding up and the investigation is ongoing.
Police responded to a call from the fireworks stand around 11:30 a.m. and about half an hour later found the body of the deceased suspect in a truck some distance away.
According to initial reports, 15-year-old Jake Ulrich and a relative, 27-year-old Jack Leeray Ulrich, went to the fireworks stand and loaded up about $600 worth of fireworks in the bed of their pickup truck, then attempted to drive away without paying for the merchandise.
The son of the stand’s owner, 37-year-old Johnny Mize, Jr., jumped into the bed of the pickup truck as the duo attempted to flee and that’s when gunfire erupted. Authorities did say it appears the suspects fired first, but Mize returned fire, striking Jake Ulrich in the chest. At some point, Mize got out of the truck.
At least one witness said they saw the pickup truck – and Jake Ulrich – abandoned as a red car picked up Jack Ulrich.
A woman later found Jake Ulrich, who


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