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By Robert Farago

“Somewhere in Atlanta, in a room controlled by the city’s police force, is a cache of 6,000 or so guns that have been plucked off the streets over the last three years,” reports. This despite S.B. 350, a state law passed in 2012 that directs the police to re-sell confiscated firearms. “We have an obligation to re-sell [the guns] to gun purchasers,” Atlanta Police Chief George Turner told CBS46 last week. After acknowledging his legal obligation, Chief Turner makes no secret of his intention to ignore it. Like this . . .

“The city of Atlanta has not done that.” To put those firearms back on the street would be “catastrophic,” Turner said.

So the city has decided to slow-walk its legal obligation. It hasn’t destroyed the weapons, but neither has it held any auctions – which are required at least every six months, online or in the flesh . . .

Deputy Chief Ericka Shields confirmed her police department’s course of action. “We would have to sell guns that have been used in homicides,” the deputy chief said. Those were the exact words she used, but …Read the Rest

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