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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsCompanies selling 80% receivers and other homemade firearm parts have been getting uncomfortable calls and questions from their credit card firms and payment processors. Their ability to process payments could soon end, they’re being told.Grid Defense, formerly Ghost Firearms, which is located in Daytona Beach, Florida, got a call from their Mastercard payment processor Wednesday.“We were told we may be violating some of their policies regarding ATF’s new frame and receiver rule,” said TJ, co-owner of Grid Defense.To be clear, he does not blame their payment processor or even Mastercard. He blames the ATF for not providing accurate and timely guidance. Of course, his biggest concern is what will come next — when will the ATF tell the financial industry that ARs or even ammunition should not be purchased with credit cards.“The ATF is not being clear about their frame and receiver rule, which went into effect last month, so they’re causing private companies to be confused about their ruling, and it is going to negatively affect this industry,” he said. “The ATF likes to muddy the waters with confusion, and it’s starting to effect American commerce and the Second Amendment. I hope these large financial companies choose

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