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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsRussell Fincher is a high school history teacher, a Baptist pastor and a parttime gun dealer. He also coaches Little League in his hometown of Tuskahoma, Oklahoma, which has a population of around 151 souls.Fincher, 52, has had a Federal Firearm License for three years. He has no brick-and-mortar gun shop. He’s what used to be called a “kitchen table FFL.” He sells most of his firearms at gun shows, including Wanenmacher’s Arms Show in Tulsa.“Living in Southeast Oklahoma, if you don’t have a gun under $400, people ain’t buying it,” he said Thursday. “Rarely do people come to my house to buy a gun.”Russell Fincher before his home was raided by an ATF SWAT team. (Photo courtesy Russell Fincher.)In April, Fincher received a call from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. They wanted to do an inspection at his home.“I told them they were welcome anytime,” Fincher said.Two ATF inspectors arrived a few days later. They spent three hours in his home. They took pictures of his 4473s with their cell phones, which Fincher has since learned is an illegal although common practice.“Honestly, they were way nicer than I expected,” he said. “They said I

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