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By Lee Williams

(SAF file photo courtesy ATF Facebook page.)by Lee WilliamsBryan Malinowski, the 53-year-old executive director of the Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas, died two days after exchanging gunfire with ATF agents who raided his home at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. His death raises questions about whether he knew he was trading gunfire with federal agents, or if he thought their no-knock raid was a home invasion.Malinowski’s family cannot understand what led to the gunfight and believes other less-lethal tactics should have been incorporated into ATF’s arrest strategy.“The ATF burst into his house, and they did it in a manner that was the most dangerous combination possible.” Bryan’s brother Matthew Malinowski told local media Wednesday. “The easiest way to have taken care of this situation — the most common way — would be to wait until he gets in his car, pull over and arrest him. Or you wait until he comes to work, and you arrest him there.”One ATF agent received non-life-threatening wounds during the gunfight and is expected to fully recover.After the ATF SWAT team breached the front door, an agent whose name has not been publicly released shot Bryan Malinowski in the head with what his brother

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