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By Nick Leghorn


Even among veteran stamp collectors most have probably never seen a Form 3, but they need one every time they buy a new product from a dealer. The Form 3 is what licensed dealers use to tell the ATF that ownership of a registered NFA item is transferring from one licensed party to another, and in theory it should simply be a rubber stamp process. Both parties are already licensed, all that needs to happen is that the ATF updates its books and sends the green light to the dealer in question. This simple process should be instantaneous with the technology available today, but instead it still takes nearly a month for paper copies to work their way through the system and back. The ATF was planning on digitizing the process to make things easier but apparently that has once again been pushed back. And also delayed the return of the digital eForm 4.

The following email was sent to a select group of licensees who were involved in a small scale test of the system, and based on the report things don’t look good.

We had hoped to be able to present the first iteration of FEAM at the 2016 SHOT …Read the Rest

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