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By Tom Knighton

With the recommendations coming from multiple panels examining the Parkland massacre, armed teachers has become a topic of discussion once again. The idea of teachers having firearms with which to defend their own lives–and, by extension, their students lives as well–makes a great deal of sense if you look at it rationally.

Yet not everyone can do that.

That’s especially true of the Parkland crowd itself.

We don’t expect David Hogg or Emma Gonzalez to support armed teachers. They’re too deep in the pit of “gunz bad!” to look at their shoelaces rationally.

But Cameron Kasky seems to have developed a bit more sense. Despite that, he still felt the need to pen an opinion piece for CNN stating his opposition to armed teachers.

Almost two weeks ago, it seemed that the group advocating for increased safety protocol won one of these battles. A majority of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission recommended that part of the solution to preventing these horrible mass shootings is arming teachers. That’s right, those commissioners believe that putting guns in the hands of Florida’s underpaid guardians of education is the right way to handle these terrifying situations.
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