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By James England

BOISE, IDAHO — Caught in the middle of a neighborhood rampage, one woman acted above and beyond anything we could expect… And the lives she saved in the process should make us all pause and reflect about our own level of preparedness.

In a stunning interview with the Idaho Statesman, the woman describes how the scene unfolded. She remembers hearing shots ring out in her cozy West Boise neighborhood. She retrieved a handgun from inside and by that point, someone had been hit. Her daughter and mother retrieved the wounded teenager and brought him into the house for cover.

However, the gunman saw them retrieve one of his victims and began directing his fire on their house.

The woman very astutely made the call that the upstairs was mostly glass and wouldn’t provide a lot of cover. She directed her daughter and mother to take the man to the basement while she guarded the front entrance. The basement, as she described, provided actual cover because a good portion of it was underground.

Records and pictures show that the attacker seemed to put an endless stream of rounds into her home. Windows were shattered, glass broken, walls tore up…

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