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By Xavier Roberts

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — The last thing a punk wants to run into while they are out trying to assault women is an armed veteran, and that is what happened to this guy.

“I woke up to find a guy standing at the foot of my bed staring at me,” said homeowner Gage Underhill. Underhill pulled out his handgun and confronted the man, later identified as Francisco Meza-Beltran, causing him to flee from the home.

“I am a retired military law enforcement officer,” he said. “I always keep my handgun and so, I lit him up (with the laser). and I told him that he needs to get out of there and he bolted.”

According to police, Meza-Beltran, 32, ran out the back door of Underhill’s home and began hopping fences until he then entered another home nearby through another unlocked rear door.

Thompson said a woman inside woke up to find Meza-Beltran on top of her, sexually abusing her. Officers were able to locate him in the neighborhood attempting to climb onto the roof of a third home.

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