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By Bob Owens

No one is disputing that Tamon Stapleton was shot and killed while pointing a gun at a convenience store clerk in Knoxville, Tennessee.

That isn’t keeping his mother from insisting that the man who shot him should have called 911 instead, and shouldn’t have gotten physically involved.

Stapleton’s mother held a candlelight vigil Monday night at the store where he was killed. Family and friends gathered in front of the Breadbox store on Asheville Highway for prayer. They also held signs saying they want justice. Joy Stapleton says two wrongs don’t make a right and she feels Scruggs should be charged for killing her son.

“Of course it hurts my heart. My son is dead when easily 911 could have been called and he could possibly be in jail right now. I’m hurt. I’m hurt,” she said.

It seems quite obvious that Joy Stapleton is a failed parent that is part of the thug culture that is responsible for so much violent crime in this country.

That allowed, Joy Stapleton’s complaint that her son’s killer should face charges would seem to have some merit, because the man who shot and killed her armed robber son was also a criminal with a record of …read more

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