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By Jennifer Cruz

An attempted robbery of a cellphone store in Arlington, Texas, didn’t quite go as planned when the owner and his son fought back, leaving the fearful robbers fleeing.
Surveillance video capturing the encounter was released Tuesday.
Owner Khurrum Monga said he knew something was awry moments after the two suspects entered the store.
“You could see the backpacks and instead of pulling a phone out, he pulled a gun,” Monga said.
One suspect jumped over the counter to get to the goods, but – without skipping a beat – Monga’s son pushed his father aside and charged at the suspect.
“When my son jumped in, I just followed him,” Monga said.
The father-son duo struggled with the suspect for a bit as the second suspect aimed his gun toward the scuffle, appearing rather dumbfounded by the would-be victims’ reaction to their attempted robbery.
Soon thereafter, one suspect ran out of the business leaving behind his partner in crime, who eventually freed himself from the grips of Monga and his son.
Monga said he thought the guns weren’t real, but law enforcement later confirmed they were, as one was dropped by the suspect in his attempt to get away.
Authorities warn against fighting back in such cases, but Monga, who


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