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By Brandon Curtis

FOUNTAIN, COLORADO — A man on a Greyhound bus was armed with a knife and began to threaten the driver and the 26 passengers. After some time, 47-year-old Edmundo Arellanes-Audelo gained access to the bus driver and tried to attack the driver. He grabbed at the steering wheel, causing the bus to crash.

A passenger tried to confront Arellanes-Audelo, but he escaped through a window.

That’s when a passerby, who happened to be armed, saw what was happening and immediately sprung into action.

And guess what happened?

After seeing the gun, Arellanes-Audelo dropped the knife and remained at the scene until law enforcement arrived.

It’s amazing what a gun in the hands of a good guy can do. There is no telling what Arellanes-Audelo was capable of doing, or where he was planning to go next. In this scenario, it doesn’t matter because we had someone with appropriate force to stop this guy in his tracks and give up.

According to the Greyhound website, they don’t allow firearms as carry-on or checked baggage. If they did, they might not have a damaged bus at the moment.

Luckily, though, we see yet another instance where an armed citizen is able to successfully …Read the Rest

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