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An armed Port St. Lucie homeowner chased away several would-be burglars Wednesday morning, according to police. The homeowner said the incident began when 4 men wearing fluorescent traffic vests pulled into his driveway on SW Abel Street. He said one got out with a screwdriver, rang the doorbell, and then walked around the side of the home. Not recognizing the group, the homeowner armed himself with a gun he kept in his bedroom and then went outside to investigate. When confronted, the person with the screwdriver ran back toward the van. But before he got in he tripped and lost his screwdriver and a hat he was wearing. The homeowner said the van’s driver backed up to make a hasty getaway but smashed into a neighbor’s mailbox on SW Babcock Avenue. The collision knocked off the vehicle’s sliding van door. …Read the Rest

Source:: NRA-ILA

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