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By Rob Morse

Faster School Training Safety Students Guns Teachers
Faster School Training Safety Students Guns Teachers

U.S.A. -( Arming teachers is more than a concept, an idea, or a theory. Armed school staff are now a well-worn reality. The FASTER program teaches school staff to stop a threat and to treat the injured. That program has been in place for the last five years and has trained over a thousand teachers. These first responders have many days of instruction. Once they are back home, these teachers apply what they learned as they protect their schools. We have thousands of man-years of experience with armed school staff. School is about to start in the fall, and we learn more every day.

We can invent all kinds of crazy fantasies about giving guns to teachers. Those fantasies aren’t real, but they do make sensational news stories and they sell advertising for the news media. In fact, no one rolls up with a wagon full of firearms and start handing out guns to school staff. That isn’t what responsible people do to protect students. I recently took a three-day training class for armed school staff. The teachers in my classes took school safety very seriously. I saw it written on …Read the Rest

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