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By Noah Alkinburgh

Slovenia. A little European country wedged between Italy and Hungary. Some may know it for being part of former Yugoslavia, others for its ski resorts, or maybe more as the birth country of our current first lady. But it’s also home to the growing U.S. firearm brand Arex.
The company hit my radar a few months ago when FIME Group, the Las Vegas-based company that imports the brand to the U.S., invited me on a factory tour in Šentjernej, Slovenia. Honestly, before that I had little working knowledge of the brand.
A quick rundown though. Arex manufactures Rex handguns, which look like what would happen if Sig and CZ had a child. Although the brand has only been in the U.S. for three years, it has existed for more than 20 years and is one of only a handful of gun makers in Slovenia.
The Rex Firearms division currently produces around 5,000 handguns a month. Most of which are exported to the U.S.  (Photo: Noah Alkinburgh/
The current line available is the Rex 01, which comes in a full size, compact and tactical variations, and their competition gun, the Rex Alpha. (Photo: Noah Alkinburgh/
When I arrived to the Arex factory in late September, I


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