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By Bob Owens

The Washington Post confirmed that this angry elderly woman lied about gun sales and background checks.

Here are two incontrovertible truths.

Truth One: Women are the fastest-growing demographic segment of the firearms market.

In recent years, women are the fastest-growing demographic segment of the firearms market, especially when it comes to handguns. They’re also making huge inroads into the shotgun and modern sporting rifle markets. Once stereotyped as a “man’s world,” the shooting sports have gone co-ed, and many women find a great deal of joy and empowerment in shooting with their friends at the range, taking classes, in competition shooting, and providing providing their family with naturally- raised, hormone-free meat through hunting.

Truth Two: Hillary Clinton and her supporters are desperate to turn women against guns and salvage her dying campaign.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton has bizarrely gone “all in” as the first-ever American presidential candidate to make the core of her campaign the gutting of the Constitution itself. Specifically, Clinton has taken very radical and vocal positions against the right to bear arms.

Clinton has blatantly and continually lied about the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which serves no other purpose than to protect the firearms industry against frivolous lawsuits. Clinton wants the PLCAA repealed so that her friends in the Brady Campaign …Read the Rest

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