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By Tom Knighton

We all know the media tends to lean leftward. It’s clear as day, especially when it comes to guns. The editorial pages–not the op-eds where pro-gun individuals may occasionally write–tell us this on a regular basis when they use phrases like “sensible gun reform.” The idea is to set the stage by implying anyone who disagrees is, by definition, insensible.

But over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, they argue that the problem is that sentences are too light. I’m with this up to this point.

The problem is, then they decide that the sentences are too light because a firearm was used.

A St. Louis man convicted of a fatal shooting during a holdup recently got just 16 years in prison. Sixteen years, for purposefully ending a life. This after six young men who burst into an apartment in 2016 waving around AK-47s, intending to rob its occupants, walked away with suspended sentences.

Meanwhile, St. Louis police this week are investigating at least a half-dozen recent firearms murders around the city — the latest reminder that people intent on causing harm don’t even hesitate to use guns to that end. …Read the Rest

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