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By G. Halek

Not too long ago, a friend of mine that owned a P320 started carrying those extended 21-round magazines. His P320 was a Carry model. With a standard 17-round magazine, the Carry model stood out on the waistband. With the 21-round magazine inserted, it looked like the Alien was attempting to breach his side.

Is an extended 21-round magazine cool? Sure. I’d love to carry one for my everyday concealed carry handgun. For that size, it’s just not practical for me or my style.

However, if I owned a P320, I’d totally carry a 21-round magazine as a backup to my standard flush magazine. It probably wouldn’t be the magazine I kept in the pistol itself due to awkward bulk and constraints.

As for me, the Glock 19 does have some rather interesting extended carry magazines. For compact pistols, extended magazines have more to do with pushing the limits of what’s possible in terms of spring retention and the number of rounds a user can fire before switching magazines.

If you’re able to carry a Glock 26 with a 30-round extended magazine, I don’t want to know how. I can’t even imagine carrying a 30-round extended magazine as a backup in any concealed …Read the Rest

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