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By [email protected] (Rick Ector)

Are Concealed Pistol License Classes (CPL) Available Through Groupon Worth The Investment?

A few days ago, I received several requests for a comment regarding a widely seen

In truth, I actually know the guy who was profiled by the customer. However, my thoughts will not be about the training he provides.

I have never attended any of his CPL classes or helped him teach his CPL Class. My thoughts are generalized about Groupon and how their offers are formulated.

Besides, in my old age I have long learned to keep my nose out of other people’s business. My view is that I should only be concerned about what I am doing and let the chips in the marketplace fall where they may. I have seen many Firearms Instructors both come and go over the years. Credibility is what keeps you in business in this industry.

Over the years I have been contacted by the enterprising folks at Groupon to teach CPL Classes through their program. In each instance, I refused to participate. Sometimes, the bottom-line issue in business is money. Accordingly, it was the principal issue for me with Groupon.

If you “normally” advertise and provide a CPL Class for $150, you will be required …read more

Source:: Legally Armed in Detroit

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