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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Andy Simo
Andy Simo

New Archery Products Corp

USA -( On May 18th at age 79, legendary archery pioneer Andy Simo, founder of New Archery Products, passed away. Andy, as a founder of modern archery, stands shoulder to shoulder with such names as Fred Bear, Ben Pearson, and Doug Easton.

Andy was inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame in 1999 for his monumental contributions to the sport of archery and for his lifelong dedication to archers and bow hunters worldwide.

Andy received his aeronautical engineering degree at Purdue in the 1960’s. Andy participated in structural engineering work on the Saturn 5 rocket at Boeing as well as on the C5A Galaxy at Lockheed. Combining his brilliant mind and talent with his burning passion for archery, Andy laid the foundation for New Archery Products with his creation of the innovative Flipper Rest in 1971.

Along with his loving wife Cherie, Andy built these rests by hand in his basement in Marietta Georgia for local archers in his area. A loyal following quickly built and he used this success to continue with decade’s worth of revolutionary, industry changing …Read the Rest

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