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Article by Paul Ivnitskiy and David Lewis of
As you know, if your magazine spring loses its elasticity or breaks, it can render your firearm almost worthless. conducted a test to determine how long mag springs can last. The test also examined whether leaving a mag loaded for an extended period of time causes problems, or if loading a mag can damage its spring. The test findings are eye-opening and show that, under controlled conditions, the springs themselves will last more than a human lifetime for most shooters.
The test crew subjected 13 different mags (from multiple manufacturers) to a test protocol over a year. The protocol included loading and unloading to full and half capacity, storing in climate-controlled and fluctuating temperatures, and storing in a non-climate controlled shed.
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Field Testing — Magazines Performed Flawlessly
The crew took the mags to the range for field testing throughout the test study. The results revealed that regardless of the frequency of loading or unloading, or storage conditions, not a single magazine failed. The use of a digital force gauge showed no significant variability in the springs’ resistance from mag to mag but all

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